Care & Training


Xolo Nail Growth

It has been my experience that the nails of the Hairless Xolo grow much faster than the nails of the coated Xolo. Where most coated dog breeds get their nails trimmed once a month on average, I have to trim my Xolos' nails at least every 2 weeks with every week being optimum. I believe it has to do with the Keratin. Nails and hair are both made from Keratin. It stands to reason most of the Keratin in the coated breeds is diverted to their hair. Whereas the hairless Xolo does not have a coat, so I believe the Keratin is diverted to the nails.


Xolo Skin

Xolos do not get fleas but they do need to be protected from biting flies and mosquitoes.


Xolo Teeth

Xolos should have their teeth brushed once a week. Without proper care their teeth can rot causing health issues in addition to their teeth falling out. Xolos love vegetables like carrots and asparagus. To keep the teeth healthy and strong I recommend feeding your Xolo dry dog food.


Xolo Care

The Xoloitzcuintle is a very hardy dog. I am not aware of any genetic health problems specific to the Xolo. Their skin is tougher than what most people think. Their skin heals quickly and the scar tissue will have the same pigmentation as the original skin.

The Xolo sweats through its skin with sweat glands and sebaceous glands in its feet. I recommend washing the Xolo's feet once a week to keep the glands in the feet open; however, I would only wash the entire body once every other week. Use only a gentle dog shampoo. I recommend you do not apply oils or lotions to the Xolo's skin unless it looks dry and ashy. Use only a non-oily lotion.

After bathing your Xolo it is very important to clean the ears. Liquid ear cleaning solutions can be purchased at your pet shop. Cleaning the ears after the bath will help remove the excess water in the ear, thereby preventing infections.

Xolos with white or pink markings require sunscreen if they will be outside for an extended period of time. Apply the sunscreen only to the spots. If you have a light colored dog, you will need to apply sunscreen to the entire dog, if you will be outside for over an hour. Darker colored Xolos rarely need sun screen. Always provide your Xolo (no matter the color) with shade so it has the ability to get out of the sun. Always wash the sunscreen off your dog once returning home.

Xolos living in cold climates will need a sweater or coat when they go outside. The clothing should be taken off the Xolo when it is in the house. Clothing left on a Xolo can cause skin problems.